What can I make for you?

I’m a video game and 90s cartoon-lover inspired by bold colors and elect­ronic music. I admire the kind of 2000s aesthetic that makes my sane friends cry.

Having been that kid who took (almost) every art class in high school, I’ve learned a little about everything. Acrylic still life-painting, goof-level cera­mics, MIDI in Sony Acid Xpress when it was still a thing—I’ve always loved to ex­periment with anything I can get my hands on.

In my spare time I make my friends laugh, pester my family to take photos for my website, and watch my local musicians perform.

A PDF of my resume lives here. You can find me in almost-Queens Long Is­land. I’m always down for a new jam, so tell me—what can I make for you?

Drawing stuff: jadxiadraws@gmail.com
Anything else: jadxia.carbajal@gmail.com

Oh, and here’s some photography if you were curious.