A project where I had to come up with a company name, logo, and packag­ing solution for a set of “magic” drinks. I chose to embrace the dark-magical nature of the drinks and create horror-tinged, supernatural imagery. For the drink names I used common sayings to add a bit of fun with a creepy tone.

As for the company name, I wanted it to have a strong, memorable sound and an unusual concept leaning towards the unwholesome; ultimately, I settled on “Gnat House Hex.”

I chose to use a cool color palette rather than a warm one to give the drinks a sense of darkness and controlled lunacy. The exception is the pale yellow; I felt adding a slightly warm color to this palette would add more depth than using white. After comparing several gnats for the logo, the eye gnat’s solid shape seemed like it would work best for the bold imagery of this design system.

November 20, 2018